August 3, 2020

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Dear Parent. Please note that applications for 2018  are OPEN. Applications are treated on the first come first served basis

Admission is subject to School Management Team approval following a personal interview with the principal for both parents and learner. Application forms are available from the office and online on this website. You may apply online. Appointments for an interview can be arranged with the school secretary.

How to enroll at Paterson Park School

Schools fees for 2017

A registration fee of R900 or re-enrolment fee of R300 is followed by a down payment R3660 before the year starts, thereafter nine payments of R1830 per month, payable in advance. School Development Levy R500 payable before the year starts.

How much are the school fees?

A 10% discount is given should fees be paid in advance for the entire year, 5% per semester or 2.5% per term.

Family discounts:

  • First child full fee.
  • Second child 10% discount.
  • Third child 15% discount.
  • Fourth child 20% discount.

The 5th and subsequent children attending at Paterson Park School receive free tuition, providing they all attend in the same school year. Enquiries should be addressed to the school Principal regarding discounts.


Applications for 2018 are OPEN.

Conditions of Enrolment

Enrolment at this school is subject to the following terms and conditions:

  1. The parents will support the ethos and philosophy of the school and will endeavour to support and uphold the principles, practices and policies of the school.
  2. The parents give permission for their child/children to take part in all of the school’s activities, including religious study classes, devotional activities and sports.
  3. The parents undertake to provide the child with the correct uniform as approved by the School Management Team and are prepared to support the school’s dress code.
  4. The parents/guardians undertake to give positive encouragement and to help their child/children complete assigned tasks.
  5. The parents/guardians accept the right of the school to implement its discipline policy and agree to uphold in every way possible the school’s authority and right to administer appropriate discipline in accordance with the policies of the School Management Team. If their child/children should become involved in any difficulty in the school, the parents will in no case complain to any other parents, but will bring any necessary complaints directly to the teacher or Principal.
  6. The learner behaves in a way, both in and out of school that does not bring dishonour or disgrace to the school, and while a learner of the school, accepts the learner code of conduct and follows the general rules and procedures.
  7. The parents, in the event of illness or injury to their child, and which requires medical or hospital treatment and if the parent or guardian is not readily available, will authorise the Principal or person in control to arrange such treatment, without incurring any legal liability to the school or persons authorising the medical attention.
  8. All fees and charges are payable in advance. If all fees and charges are not paid and special arrangements have not been made with the Principal, action can be taken by the School that may lead to your child not being accepted in the following term. Outstanding fees will be referred to a debt collector which will incur a cost to the parent for fee recovery and may affect the family’s credit rating. One month’s notice is required if a child is to leave the school.

(NOTE: In case of hardship, special arrangements must be made with the Principal.)

  1. Parents will notify the school of any family law or legal custody requirements relating to the learner and understand that only the legal custodial parent will be allowed access to the learner at school unless other provisions are made.
  2. That the School Principal may suspend the child and the School Management Team may terminate enrolment at its discretion for failure to comply with these conditions or for other serious breaches of the School’s rules and regulations.

Foreign Learners

Proof of residence and study permits must be produced.

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